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Wind energy

We are involved in wind power development throughout Japan.
Our team can handle all stages of wind farm development—from nationwide mapping of wind power potential, precise surveys of wind conditions, environmental impact assessments, design and construction of wind farms, through to power generation—to power our future in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Future of wind energy

Globally, wind power generation capacity reached 432 GW as of the end of 2015. This includes 63 GW of new starts in 2015 alone, up 17 per cent on 2014. Meanwhile in Japan, at the same juncture, capacity surpassed 3 GW. The Long-term Energy Supply-Demand Outlook, published by the Japanese government, expects Japan’s wind power capacity to reach 10 GW by 2030. On the other hand, the Japan Wind Power Association (JWPA) has set its mid- to long-term target of wind capacity as 36 GW by 2030, based on their wind power potential estimates and electricity supply and demand projections.

Bringing wind power into the mainstream is a group-wide effort here at JAG. We are pooling our vast experience—in developing urban spaces, and the extensive public infrastructure supporting them, throughout Japan; and in wind power consulting from surveying and design to construction—to achieve Japan’s mid- to long-term wind power targets.