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Small hydropower generation

The global potential for small and medium hydropower generation is estimated to be 150-200 GW; while currently only 5% of this potential has been tapped.
Small hydro is currently seeing unprecedented growth in Japan. The government has set a target of getting 1,000 small hydropower projects underway by the end of FY 2016 and has simplified the water rights application process.
Japan Asia Group has made world-leading advances in micro (ultra-low water head) hydropower system development, allowing it to expand in Asia and Africa. We at JAG Energy will build on this group strength to allow greater utilization of this abundant natural source of energy.
Stream, our world-leading hydro system
  • Patented system refined over years of research and development and trial and error
  • Can be used in low-head waterways (irrigation canals, sewers, industrial drains) previously out of reach for conventional (dam-based) hydroelectric generation systems
  • Dramatically cuts costs and effort needed for installation and maintenance thanks to simple and practical unit-type design (standardized parts) as there is no need to make any alterations to existing waterways
  • Enables greater distribution of energy sources, energy independence in remote locations, and emergency backup power supply