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Energy-saving diagnosis,energy solutions

Buildings consume energy continuously from the time they are first used and throughout their long life spans. For office buildings, energy costs are said to account for 20 to 30% of the total cost of operating and managing the building. And from a carbon emissions standpoint, it is said that carbon dioxide arising from operating the building use make up over 50% of all CO2 emitted across the building's life cycle (LCCO2). Such numbers demonstrate how immensely important the deployment of renewable energies and energy efficiency measures are, both in terms of operation and management costs and CO2 emissions.

How should a business minimize its energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions throughout the operating and management stage of its office building while also maintaining the comfort and safety of the building’s usable spaces? We propose optimal solutions for this challenge at all stages of implementation--from energy audits and installation of energy efficiency and power generation systems, to maintenance and management of those systems.