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JAG Energy is making green communities—safe, secure and sustainable urban development—a reality by leveraging our expertise in energy, property and financial expertise to provide a total package of solutions for renewable energy development, construction, and management.

green communities

Our strengths

Track record and know-how as a pioneer for renewable energy in Japan and Europe
In 2004, the Japan Asia Group built the largest capacity—five megawatt (5MW)—solar plant in the world at the time in Leipzig, Germany. From that start we went on to develop numerous large-scale solar projects in four countries in Europe (Germany, Italy, Spain, and the Czech Republic).
In Japan, we also pioneered large-scale solar photovoltaic development. As of 2015 we had developed 55.98 megawatts in 32 sites throughout the country. This has helped us build up a broad spectrum of knowledge, experience, and technology.
Our renewable energy expertise is not limited to solar, but covers consulting for developing, managing and delivering wind power, small hydro, biomass and geothermal energy solutions.
Creating a new business model by harnessing group-wide expertise and synergy
Our ability to provide optimal real estate solutions—that meet the environmental and energy needs of the present and future—is dependent on effective utilization of our group-wide experience, expertise, and trust-based relationships forged over sixty years developing social infrastructure projects in Japan and around the world. Our seamless international business network in geospatial information consulting and other technical fields is further strengthened by our ability to independently raise financing capital through our financial expertise.

Group synergy = green communities

Partnerships and cooperation system of Japan Asia Group